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We love private group classes and will be glad to accommodate you and your group!


Train with Friends, Family, Colleagues, or all of them.


Our Private Group Classes provide a unique and focused approach to obtaining your MI CPL, allowing you a relaxed environment with a close-knit group of friends, family, or colleagues. We provide you an email template to help you share this private class, along with a dedicated registration page specifically for your group.  Sign up is easy and convenient, making organizing a group a breeze. 


We can do private classes at your location* or at ours! 


  • Your Location

    • Spring/Summer: Min of 10 Students | Adequate Range

    • Fall/Winter: Min of 8 Students | Adequate Range

  • Our Location

    • Spring/Summer: Min of 12 Students

    • Fall/Winter: Min of 10 Students

Maximum class size: 18 Students

Contact us today to set up your group class!

* within 30 miles of the center of Mt. Pleasant. Anything further than 30 miles requires a $75 travel fee. Maximum travel distance of 50 miles.

Group Class Contact

Contact us about Private Group Classes



Thank you for contacting us. We will reach out very soon!

A Few Student Testimonials

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