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Defensive Shooting - 1 on 1 Training




1 hr

Class Style

In Person

Limited Seats

1 on 1 Training

1-on-1 Training for Improving Your Defensive Shooting Skills

1 Hour sessions between you and an instructor.

  • Your training will concentrate on the differences between the skills required for being a“good marksmen” at the range and the skills required to defend yourself against a violent attack.

  • You will gain the knowledge and training needed if you are ever forced to use a weapon in self-defense as a last resort when your fear for your life or grave physical harm.

  • Add our technology package so you can visualize your results and see the areas in need of further training.

  • Multiple session packages avaliable at discounted rates.

Contact us today to set up your personal training session.



Click on date to register for course.

At checkout you will be directed  to our online scheduling service to set your training date and time.

1 on 1 personal training at your convenience.

If you are looking for a private group class, , contact us for details. We aim to accommodate.


Minimum students required for private classes.

Student Testimonials

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Your Instructor

Kurt Grashaw

Kurt Grashaw


Kurt Grashaw provides firearms training with a personal approach. As a USCCA Certified Instructor and CPL Instructor, he is dedicated to helping people learn how to safely defend themselves and their families. Kurt is an approachable teacher, patient in his instruction and passionate about helping others learn. His main goal is to help others learn the fundamentals of firearms safety and responsible use.

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