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House of Worship Security Training - Creating a Plan





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We all pray we’ll never have to face violence, but sometimes it walks through the front door

— even in a place where we should feel safe.

This security strategy development service specifically addresses the challenges and potential threats that houses of worship face — and helps you learn how to recognize danger, build a security plan and identify weak points at your facility in order to mitigate overall risk to your congregation.



Click on date to register for course.

Contact us today to set up an Ememrgency Operation Plan specific to your individual congregational needs.

If you are looking for a private class, or  have a large group, contact us for discounted rates. We aim to accommodate.


Minimum 8 students required for private classes or 5 for discounted rates.

If no dates are available, contact us to request information on future availability. 

Your Instructor

Kurt Grashaw

Kurt Grashaw


Kurt Grashaw provides firearms training with a personal approach. As a USCCA Certified Instructor and CPL Instructor, he is dedicated to helping people learn how to safely defend themselves and their families. Kurt is an approachable teacher, patient in his instruction and passionate about helping others learn. His main goal is to help others learn the fundamentals of firearms safety and responsible use.

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