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What should I get for my First Gun?

First and foremost - DO NOT select a gun just because your friend says it is the best! Do your research. Go to a gun shop and hold the handgun. When you are considering the purchase of a firearm, whether it will be your first gun, a backup piece, or just another addition to your collection, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

  • Find something that fits your hand.

  • Find something you will be comfortable with carrying every day.

  • Choose a caliber you can handle, but with sufficient stopping power.

  • Seek advise from a professional such as at the gun shop.

  • If at all possible, try and shoot the gun before purchasing. Maybe a friend has one you can try at the range.

One of my personal choices (key phase: personal choice) is the Stoeger STR-9 in 9mm. It is extremely affordable (typically under $300) and very reliable. I have both the full size and sub compact size. To date, I have fired upwards of 10,000 rounds in the full size and about 3,000 in the sub compact without a single malfunction in either! Yes - that is amazing. Here is a video comparing the Full size and Sub Compact size STR-9's.

Remember!!!! No matter what gun you eventually select, it is only as effective as how much you train. The gun does not do the work - you do. So train often, be responsible and stay safe!



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