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Real Estate Safety


$50 each


2 hrs

Class Style

Virtual or In Person

Limited Seats

Yes (30)

Officially certified by CE Marketplace, Michigan's Continuing Education HUB for Real Estate Professionals. - 2 Elective Credits

Most people would not rank being a real estate agent at the top of the list of dangerous professions. However, real estate agents put their safety on the line every day when they meet a new client, drive clients to homes for sale, and show a vacant property. We are now offering a specialized course for Real Estate Professionals! This 2-hour class is specifically designed to ensure each realtor knows and understands the importance of developing and following a safety plan. In this class we discuss situational awareness, how to have the mindset for survival, how to practice safety protocols, and how to use technology to help keep you safe.

This 2-hour realtor safety class will give everyone the necessary tools to help them make it home safely at the end of each day. This personal safety training provides agents with strategy and contingency plans to maximize safety in all phases of their day and especially while showing properties, and hosting open houses, or evaluating homes for listing. In this course, we will cover: Personal awareness when meeting clients, Use of self-defense options, and tools available to you with an overview of the legal dynamic of self defense.

  • Learn to avoid violent encounters by developing an acute awareness of your surroundings.

  • Differentiate between “looking” and “seeing,” and understand how to detect threat indicators early.

  • Recognize the physical and psychological effects you might experience during a dynamic critical incident.

  • Learn how to employ various defensive strategies to mitigate an unwanted encounter before it escalates.

  • Recognize the defensive options — both armed and unarmed — you can use to help keep you safe.



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Your Instructor

Kurt Grashaw

Kurt Grashaw


Kurt Grashaw provides firearms training with a personal approach. As a USCCA Certified Instructor and CPL Instructor, he is dedicated to helping people learn how to safely defend themselves and their families. Kurt is an approachable teacher, patient in his instruction and passionate about helping others learn. His main goal is to help others learn the fundamentals of firearms safety and responsible use.

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