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The Hidden Dangers of Using Purse Holsters for Carrying Firearms

Updated: 7 days ago

During the Gear & Gadgets portion of our CPL classes we discuss purse holsters as an option for concealment. There are a number of reasons why we suggest NOT using a purse to conceal a handgun.

Fox News: Mother accidentally kills teen daughter while rummaging in purse for keys

This unfortunate incident is exactly one of those reasons. Once you have been carrying your gun in your purse for an extended period of time, you tend to forget about it. If it is unsecured, an accidental discharge becomes more likely as you rummage through it looking for something.

Even if your handgun has a safety, the daily shifting of the purse could cause something to, over time, maneuver the safety into the "off position." Your hand could even do this as you grab items out of your purse. So if you are adamant about using a purse holster, make sure it is exactly that - with a section in the purse specifically intended to hold your handgun.

But here is the reason why we don't even like that option. What do thieves usually snatch and grab when they are stealing in public places? That's right - the purse. So now the criminal has your gun too.

There are so many other ways to conceal that we strongly recommend looking for alternative options that meet your comfort. A safer alternative might be a fanny pack, buckled to your waste. It's similar to a purse, but safer to conceal.

Stay safe!


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