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How much Training is Enough?

We get asked often how much do I need to train? Well that's a tricky question. As with anything, practice makes you better! Are you training to be a sharp shooter or to defend yourself? Today we are going to focus on the self defense option. And the simple answer is as often as possible.

At a minimum, you should try and get to the range 2 times a month. A better option is weekly. And I know ammo and range time can get expensive. But you don't have to break the bank to get proficient with your handgun. Spending 30 minutes at the range with 30 shots can even provide results.

Too often when I am at the range, I see people shooting in rapid fire or close to it. You can clearly see they are not focusing on trigger control, their stance, consistency in form - they are more interested in firing like they are in the movies. And the target results show even at only 7 yards (21 feet is typical for basic training - based on the Tueller Rule).


  • Two to four times per month

  • 30 Minutes and 30 rounds

  • Focus on Form

    • Is your stance solid and balanced

    • Do you have a firm grip on the gun with no gaps

    • Focus on trigger control and resetting the trigger at the wall

    • Shoot 1 round at a time and evaluate

    • Are your using your sights properly

    • Are you controlling muzzle recoil

As with anything, the more you train the better you will get. We state this at every class we hold: If you are not going to train, do not carry!

And before you say that 60-120 rounds per month is too expensive (currently about 26 cents a round for a total of $15.60 to $31.20) ask yourself what your life is worth? What your freedom is worth? Because owning a gun is a right but comes with a huge responsibility.

Happy training and stay safe!



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