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Train for Confidence

When you drive a car, you need to use the right amount of strength and dexterity to make sure you keep it under control. Applying too much control or too little control can result in dangerous driving conditions with potentially catastrophic results. We learned how to control our cars starting with Drivers Education and subsequent years of driving every day have made us, while most of us, good drivers.

The same can be said about training for self-defense and firearms management. Your handgun driver’s ed was your CPL class. Now you need to get out to the range and drive (or train) so your self-defense and subsequent handgun skills become se

cond nature. This includes your decision-making process of using deadly force as a last resort and seeking alternative options right up to the time you determine there is no other choice.

We take numerous actions while driving that are second nature and often come instinctively. Your goal should be the same for your handguns, or any home/self-defense gun for that matter. There are countless stories about ex-military individuals who went into defense mode in public, instinctively. When presented with a Critical Incident, their training kicked in and they acted in seconds when seconds matter for your safety.

The bottom line is that if you had taken Driver’s Ed and then only drove once or twice a year, you’d be a nervous wreck behind the wheel and likely make unsafe and ill-advised decisions. Apply this same mentality to your firearms training. Get to your local range and get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Run situational scenarios through your head and how you would react. If you have ever taken one of my classes, you have obviously heard this before – “The body can not go where the mind has not been.” Situational scenario training helps your mind see a situation and your recall should help you in a more timely and better prepared response.

Train for confidence, muscle memory and to ensure if the time ever comes, you are prepared to defend yourself and your family, as well as making the right decisions.


Our Fire Arms Training courses are designed for individuals who are serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones. We provide expert instruction to promote your shooting abilities, enabling you to be prepared in critical situations. Our courses are suitable for beginners as well as experienced gun users, providing individual attention to each participant. We focus mainly on practical shooting and strive to make you feel more confident with firearms use and enhance your personal security.



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